Welcome To Wapremote!

Wapremote Allows You To Use Any Wap-Enabled Cell Phone To Make Your Computer Run Applactions, You Can Start Apache From Your Cell! Security Check (NEW) Prevents People From Running Bad Programs, Even If They Are In Path, Only Programs That Are In Said Direcrtory!
Here Is The News:

Wapremote 0.23 Released!

Wapremote 0.23 Has Been Released, You Can Get The Source Code And Binarys From Clicking On "Get It" On The Navagation.

Improvements On Wapremote 0.23 From 0.1 pre

-Rewritten In C
-Run Any Program In Directory
-Security Check Makes Sure That Nobody Trys To Do "../" To Get Out OF Directory
-Portal Coming Soon For Wap Providers That Block Non-Standard Ports (Most ISPs block the standard ports)
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